The Company

Terra Mia has been created by Elvire Steemans and Erik Heemeryck.
Both have a lifetime experience in the extraordinary world of construction.

Elvire especially in the world of high-end floortiles on bigger projects. This as a contact between the factory and the customer respecting the architect and the distributor. She had the most important experience during her career with ROYAL MOSA from the Netherlands.

Erik, born as a son of the creator of the building company has an allround experience in the world of construction. A knowledge from the first design untill the delivery of the key. All materials and especially floortiles.

Elvire and Erik will be pleased to tell you more about them by the first contact.

Dedicated they look and find the best product with the eye for beauty and quality.

Erik and Elvire are happy to pass on the skills, the knwoledge and their passion to the enthusiastic Terra Mia team.

The Process

Analyse and selection

Screening of the properties by experts
High standards
Legal conformity


A personal follow-up from the client
Presentation digital and on paper
Individual counseling

Personal guidance

Centred around your personal needs
We guarantee a local assistance


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